I want to acknowledge the magnitude of this accomplishment.

Many on the Left were saddened by the closeness of this election, but to me that was evidence of our ongoing, inexcusable misunderstanding of our opponents. We’ve been able to escape doing that work because we isolate ourselves in cities (where the famous people live) and have had the option of depending on celebrity. A celebrity politician for the non-famous took us by surprise. But it does not diminish all the work this win took.

To me, this election is significant because it’s the first time in a long time that…

Capitalism doesn’t work. There, I said it.

But according to Slavoj Zizek in 2019’s Like a Thief in Broad Daylight: Power in the Era of Post-Human Capitalism, “the dissonance of an ideology is its ultimate stability: only in a specific situation — a change in ideological sensitivity — does the realization that our ideological edifice is dissonant lead to its disintegration.”

In other words, me saying it is not going to change anything, even if you agree with me. It will take a sea change in people’s thinking at large to make that happen.

Zizek, the Slovenian philosopher, is a…

Despite panic that she’s a huge liability, I think we are lucky to have Elizabeth Warren in this race.

Bernie is an ideologue, in my opinion. I thank God that he appeared when he did speaking truth to power and paving the way for this complete turnaround in the Democrat’s narrative. But while I can picture him sitting around burnishing his ideas all day long, I can’t picture him implementing them pragmatically within the current system. And it is hugely problematic to me that he just had a heart attack, and that his campaign was not transparent about it. …

We are told that water
and electronics don’t
mix. But what of the rain?

What of the inevitable dropping of the phone
into dishwater, and
the leaves falling
on Lake Michigan.

Who authorized me to speak,
anyway? What of the

Ten tons of sand attest
that Michigan gets to say
what cliffs go where, and visitors
are only allowed to watch,
and hope, like a
civilized audience.

What of the road mist coating
the camera? What of the search
for water on Mars, and the
quaint rain gauge
in my grandparent’s garden?

Photo by the author.

There are two different kinds
of people, and when I say
there are two different kinds
of people I mean of course
they exist on a continuum
whatever a continuum can mean when that
is an impossibility of language,
hopefully conveyed somewhat
in the u’s, or perhaps in the way
you cannot say it without
becoming a continuum.

We can say spectrum
but that’s not quite as
effective. We can say
R.G. Biv. or Killimanjaro, or
Ronnie B. Specter.
We can say Hallelujah Chorus played on a zither
by Rudy Giuliani.
Hell, that would be

In language, men don’t exist
on spectrums or trills
or waterfalls, no
everyone has a plus or a minus
A make or break

We can’t help it, or
can we?

But in no way am I
defending Rudy Giuliani.

Photo by the author

Monarchs are High Fliers
They do more than Flutter
or Dabble. They explore
Far Territory for such a tiny

The terra cotta roofs of the four story
apartment building, the chimneys and pipes of the
high rise the tip tops of trees
and lower edges of billboards, and even the tiny gold
cross at the top of St. Ita’s
steeple are subject
to their inspection.

The governor was going
to name them
Butterfly of the Year
but their orange film wings
were too fragile
and melted,

Monarch butterfly
Monarch butterfly
Photo by author

Wendy A. Schmidt

Wendy A. Schmidt is a Chicago-based playwright. She/Her

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