Different Kinds of Rainbows

There are two different kinds
of people, and when I say
there are two different kinds
of people I mean of course
they exist on a continuum
whatever a continuum can mean when that
is an impossibility of language,
hopefully conveyed somewhat
in the u’s, or perhaps in the way
you cannot say it without
becoming a continuum.

We can say spectrum
but that’s not quite as
effective. We can say
R.G. Biv. or Killimanjaro, or
Ronnie B. Specter.
We can say Hallelujah Chorus played on a zither
by Rudy Giuliani.
Hell, that would be

In language, men don’t exist
on spectrums or trills
or waterfalls, no
everyone has a plus or a minus
A make or break

We can’t help it, or
can we?

But in no way am I
defending Rudy Giuliani.

Photo by the author

Wendy A. Schmidt is a Chicago-based playwright. She/Her

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